Reimagine? Relocate? WFH? – Find out how Bradac Co can help you plan your office of the future

As businesses start to bring their workforces back to the office, there are many questions to consider. Is your space set up for physical distancing? Does it require changes to support health and cleaning?  Are you considering changes to better support team collaboration? It’s time to consider if you should undergo some renovations, think about moving to a new location, or embrace the work-from-home culture.

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You may be in the right location for your business, but perhaps you need to adapt to the new requirements of COVID-19. Now is the time to take a holistic assessment of how your space supports the needs of your employees, clients, and other visitors. What sort of modifications would you need to make for the space to foster health and wellness, while allowing for productivity, a place where employees look forward to going? Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to help you reimagine what’s right in front of you.


As your business evolves, you may discover that your needs have changed.  We can help you explore whether it is feasible to modify your current space to support updated requirements or whether a new space would be a better fit. Maybe you need a larger or smaller footprint to accommodate the employees who come to the office.  Or, maybe you need more space to allow for less density.  Perhaps a location in another area would put you closer to your desired workforce. We work with owners and tenants to assess their space needs, taking into account both internal stakeholder needs and external requirements.


There has been much public discussion about the future of “work from home” now that so many businesses have experience with it. Many businesses are considering a future that may involve more employees working offsite more often. Will businesses need as much space for individuals  onsite? How will shared work areas be made safe for multiple users? How might collaborative spaces be integrated and enhanced in the new hybrid home-office workforce model? We help clients plan for these new realities.

Why Bradac Co?

Over the past two decades we’ve built up extensive expertise on building office spaces and in the past seven years, we have managed the build-outs of over one million square feet ($1Billion+) of office space in San Francisco alone.  For six years we were Uber’s sole Owner’s Rep in the bay area.  We are well versed in how to adjust to rapidly changing needs as we helped them grow their bay area HQ, tenfold, in only a few years.

As owner’s representatives, we are a team of agile professionals with backgrounds as architects, construction managers, engineers and property managers – we have seen projects from all sides. We pride ourselves in forming partnerships with clients and being their advocates through all phases of the real estate process. Our unique set of insights allows us to better anticipate the impacts that various decisions have on a project. We can help bring the right team of architects, consultants, and contractors together, and represent owners’ and tenants’ interests to hold all team members accountable.

Becoming an extension of your internal team, Bradac Co helps you develop a solid plan, provides strategic advice, and helps manage risk and ensure savvy execution of your project. We manage the entire process, so you can stay focused on your core business.

Use the “Contact Us” form on our website to request a free consultation to help you plan for your future workplace needs.