With rapidly changing work scenarios brought on by COVID-19, planning for the return to the office is a project within itself that will require guidance by a nimble team. Utilizing the expertise of a Project Manager (PM) to coordinate each step will ensure that all details are considered as your organization develops plans for the safe return of employees.

Bradac Co has managed the build-out of over one million square feet of office space for some of the most notable clients in the Bay Area. Our agile approach and unique set of insights as professionals with diverse backgrounds – architects, construction managers, engineers and property managers – ensures that we are constantly monitoring the evolving needs and demands of our clients.

This checklist is a useful starting point that will help your organization address both the human Workforce and the physical Workplace. Contact Bradac Co to continue the conversation and learn how we can guide your plan to safely re-open your space.  hello@bradac.co

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