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Think Holistically About Your Workspace for Better Office Health

Businesses of all kinds, including law firms, are scrambling to reconfigure workspaces to meet COVID-19 guidelines for physical distancing and reduce the chance of infection. While it’s tempting to move quickly to get your firm up and running, beware of moving too fast on temporary fixes. Taking a step back and approaching office renovations holistically

How Collaboration Tools Benefit Project Teams

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Whether ground-up construction or an extensive remodel, silo activity of team members and/or misaligned assumptions can derail the process. As the design evolves, it is important to routinely take a pulse check to ensure project goals, including budget, are still being met. From the timing of getting your general contractor involved to “page turns” and

Reimagine? Relocate? WFH? – Find out how Bradac Co can help you plan your office of the future

As businesses start to bring their workforces back to the office, there are many questions to consider. Is your space set up for physical distancing? Does it require changes to support health and cleaning?  Are you considering changes to better support team collaboration? It’s time to consider if you should undergo some renovations, think about

“Looking Ahead: Space Planning Tips” featured in Facility Executive

Bradac Co Project Manager Carlo Torrano recently authored an article that was featured in Facility Executive, a specialized trade publication written and edited for corporate facility executives. Carlo’s article describes how even in a post-COVID-19 world, the physical workplace remains an important element of a company’s culture. Read the article here.

When is the Right Time to Engage a Project Manager for Your Construction Project?

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Whether new construction or a “simple” remodel, projects of any scale can easily become more complex than initially thought. For owners who don’t spend their days managing design and construction projects, this is often a byproduct of “not knowing what you don’t know.” A good project manager (PM) provides value well before the actual physical

Better Meetings Make for Better Construction Projects

How can we make meetings more effective? Meetings can be a good tool for planning, developing strategies, solving problems and making and evaluating decisions. However, when run ineffectively, meetings can waste time and lead to frustration. This can easily happen in construction projects with influential stakeholders who are focused primarily on their own interests. What