It’s no secret that projects of any scale can easily become more complex than initially thought. Whether the project is new construction or a renovation, it can be really risky for an owner to manage all of the components themselves. It might be out of their wheelhouse, or perhaps they don’t have enough time to tackle it internally. This is where a Project Manager (PM) can be invaluable. A Project Manager will use their expertise to effectively manage all of the different aspects of the process, while keeping both internal and external stakeholders on track. This can save not only time, but money as well.

What can a Project Manager do for you?

Project managers serve as your advocate. Every project will undoubtedly have many contributors. Conflicting information from within the owner’s organization can quickly derail a project. It is up to the PM to ensure that the right stakeholders are engaged from the beginning and that all decisions are well documented for future reference. So much of the success of the project depends on the clarity and quality of information generated at the start of a project. PMs can manage multiple projects, too, which is especially useful if you are expanding rapidly.

Even before you select a site, they can offer acquisition support. PMs investigate short-listed locations and help identify and qualify design, construction and consultant team members while developing reliable project budgets and schedules used to measure progress.

When it comes to design and permitting oversight, PMs can assist in a number of ways. This includes negotiating architect and consultant agreements and facilitating calls and meetings to keeping all those decisions on track. Plus, they oversee the design process and document preparation so that required approvals and permits can be obtained and sound pricing established.

A construction Project Manager’s most commonly known job is to manage construction. This starts with qualifying and negotiating agreements with contractors. PMs will oversee procurement and construction, and observe the installation of materials and equipment on the site to make sure that the work is meeting the project’s requirements, and is on time and within budget.

As the work wraps up, PMs will coordinate furniture, telephone and data systems as well as any installations to prepare for move in. They can coordinate the relocation of your staff and supplies into their new location.

There are countless reasons to establish a relationship with a PM from the earliest phases of a project. Establishing a solid foundation from which to build, a PM will guide your project to successful completion by providing dedicated support every step of the way, and might even save you more money than their fee!

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