Are Open Offices a COVID Relic?

  Bringing her experience and vision to the unique challenges currently facing the real estate market, Amy Bradac recently weighed in for the Q&A piece “Are Open Offices a COVID Relic?” To read the full article, please click here.

Agile and Lean Principles Offer a Better Approach to Construction

Too many construction projects get mired in poor workflow and miscommunications between team members. How can we draw on the lessons learned in other industries to create process improvements for construction projects? Construction projects are traditionally managed by determining a sequence of detailed activities early in the project: each step is completed prior to beginning … Continued

Better Meetings Make for Better Construction Projects

How can we make meetings more effective? Meetings can be a good tool for planning, developing strategies, solving problems and making and evaluating decisions. However, when run ineffectively, meetings can waste time and lead to frustration. This can easily happen in construction projects with influential stakeholders who are focused primarily on their own interests. What … Continued

Bradac Co Founder and CEO Amy Bradac Profiled in American Builders Quarterly

Bradac Co Founder and CEO Amy Bradac was profiled in American Builders Quarterly discussing the importance of client connection and the history of the company. The article covers Bradac’s experience in architecture and construction management and how the company has achieved success in the industry. “As her business got off the ground, it did so … Continued

Amy Bradac Profiled in Bisnow’s “Bay Area Power Women” Series

Bradac Co founder and CEO Amy Bradac was profiled as part of Bisnow’s “Bay Area Power Women” series, which highlights women who have helped shape Bay Area cities, neighborhoods, businesses and lifestyles. The profile covers Bradac’s background in architecture and construction and offers a Q&A with Bradac, where she answers questions about her biggest business … Continued