Bradac Co Founder and CEO Amy Bradac was profiled in American Builders Quarterly discussing the importance of client connection and the history of the company. The article covers Bradac’s experience in architecture and construction management and how the company has achieved success in the industry.

“As her business got off the ground, it did so with Bradac possessing the architect/builder/project manager trifecta of skills and experience that she feels differentiates her firm from others in the San Francisco Bay area.”

To Bradac, customer experience is everything, and she is always committed to ensuring the best possible outcome. She notes: “If the client says they want something next week, and I know a week isn’t enough time for the team to do a good job, I definitely will speak up. I’ll always remain the owners’ advocate.”

But most of all, Bradac says the most important company value is a sense of partnership. She explains: “We work right alongside you and can be more flexible and responsive [than larger firms]. Working so closely means your goals become our goals. I think that sets us apart.”

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