Formerly the beloved flagship store for Capwell’s built in 1929, Uptown Station is a 400,000 square foot historic commercial and retail renovation project in the heart of Oakland’s Uptown district. The building underwent several alterations over the years; including the integration of a BART transit stop and a seismic retrofit following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that encapsulated the exterior of the structure in concrete.

The scope of the project under Bradac Co’s management involved a complete renovation of the core and shell of the existing structure and office tenant improvement project for Uber to occupy the 7-story building, as well as ground floor retail spaces and a re-opened BART entrance.

While maintaining alignment on strategic ventures and day-to-day activities, Bradac Co also oversaw the holistic project budget and schedule. This included cost management while keeping project milestones on course with regular schedule and performance indicator tracking. In addition to tight management of the construction process, Bradac Co was a key player in the design process–reviewing deliverables, providing ownership feedback, and facilitating timely approvals. Participating at every stage from building purchase through entitlement, and into design and construction, Bradac Co helped keep this transformative project in line to become one of the most impactful in recent Oakland history.