L Café

Bradac Co helped a global technology innovate their workplace standards, upgrading existing spaces with a complicated multi-phased delivery. This project phase focused on bringing a new employee lounge and multipurpose space online in an occupied building without disrupting ongoing operations or team members.  The project required closing down the centrally located and heavily populated “commons” space.  The Bradac Co team played an integral part in orchestrating the phasing of the various space closures and the relocations of teams.

City : San Francisco

Year : 2019

Team : Rapt, Truebeck, Graphic Artist: Shantell Martin

Photographer : Jasper Sanidad


Adjacent to and one floor above the main commons gathering space at the company’s San Francisco location, the Café serves as a bustling multi-use space anchored by a coffee bar. The bar features local finishes and is the central visual element in the space. Surrounding the bar are wood banquettes, window seats, and other soft seating elements to allow for a multitude of informal and formal gatherings that enable employees to collaborate throughout the day. Artist-commissioned branding ties into the overall company mission, featuring murals on the walls and floor that spill into the adjoining space and emerge as graphic ceiling panels.